What is a Task Engine?

The latest buzz in the technology sector are question-and-answer systems.  Google wants to move away from their search engine technology and build a Q-and-A engine, which is an engine that can find answers to questions.  The same kind of thing is happening to the smartphone industry.  Apple and IBM are trying to build a talking smartphone, where the smartphone can give answers to user questions. 

Let's look at the evolution of technology and see how companies like Google evolve. 

Search engine -->  QandA engine --> Task engine.

What I'm trying to patent is the Task engine.  Not only can the task engine search for information online or provide meaningful answers to user questions, but it can also do human tasks.  It can drive a car, fly an airplane, write complex software programs, control software programs based on commands from a user, build a city in a week, bring back the World Trade Center atom-by-atom, or do any human task.  In other words, I'm trying to patent the future search engine, future smartphone and future Operating System.

I think a short quote from my Patent claims better explains the purpose of the task engine (aka AI time machine):

A method for an AI time machine to accept sequential input tasks from at least one user, manage tasks, and execute tasks simultaneously or sequentially, capabilities of the AI time machine can be at least one of the following:  searching for information over the internet, doing tasks for the user that require teams of human workers, doing research, writing a book, solving cases for the FBI, tracking people and places, predicting the future or past, solving problems, doing college assignments, writing complex software programs, controlling dummy robots in a factory, controlling atom manipulators, controlling hierarchical external machines, manipulating objects in our environment, building cities, bringing dead people back to life, curing diseases, and time travel, the AI time machine comprising: 

Basically I was trying to write a claim that states this invention is a computer that can do "anything".  In the description part of the application I use a complex example, which is building an entire city in one week.  Building a city includes building houses, parks, bridges, buildings, sewage systems, recreation centers, malls, supermarkets, businesses, government agencies and so forth.  If it can do something complex like build a city in one week, then it can do simple tasks like solve math equations, do college assignments or drive a school bus.  By the way, building a city in one week is impossible for human beings.  I was trying to demonstrate that my robots can work faster than human workers and tasks can be accomplished in fraction of the time.  That's one of the reasons I call my robots:  super intelligent robots.   

As far as the part about bringing back the World Trade Center atom-by-atom is concerned, some people think it's impossible.  I think otherwise.  The main reason people file patents is because they want to claim an invention or discovery.  If some stupid technology company in the future builds my practical time machine or parts of my practical time machine (such as the perfect timeline of Earth), I get to sue them in court.  If their stupid enough to use the practical time machine to bring back the World Trade Center, you can bet lawsuits will be filed.    


About Us

This website is about advancing artificial intelligence and coming up with new ideas and approaches in solving current AI problems.   Today, there are no computers that can do college assignments or control software programs based on the commands from a user.  When I was in college in 2001 I was taking a electronics arts class and my Professor said that I had to learn Photoshop in order to do artwork on the computer.  He took out a user's manual, which was about 1,000 pages long and expects me to read everything.  I remember holding the book in my hand and staring at the computer; thinking to myself:  "why can't the computer do the work for me.  I give the commands and the computer does all the work".  That memory started my quest to design a task engine.  I will quote something stated back in 2010.  "building a search engine that can find meaningful answers to user questions is the holy grail of computer science".  What is trying to say is that all technology companies, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, MIT, Stanford University, etc, are all pursuing the task engine.      

I think protecting intellectual property is very important.  I have inventions that I worked very hard to design and I want to protect these inventions.  Unfortunately, protecting intellectual property is not as simple as calling 911 and reporting a case.  Money, lots of money is required to hire lawyers and file patents/copyrights.  For this reason, I ask people to donate to my website.  All donations are tax deductible and the money will go to a good cause (mainly the advancement of technology).  All payment options are available through Paypal's secure website.        






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