Just like religion, people donate to churches because they believe in a cause.  Their religion promises them everlasting life (human immortality) and paradise after death.  The practical time machine is the "only" technology that can bring dead people back to life.  This method of human immortality is fully dependant on science and not religion. 

By donating to, people are investing money into the future.  I see a future where all diseases are eradicated, there are no crimes, people don't have to work, everyone is happy, there are no wars, and the basic necessities of life are free (shelter, food, clean air, freedom, and safety).



Donations made to this site are tax deductable.  Any amount contributed will be greatly appreciated.  You can donate 25 cents, or 1 dollar, or 5 dollars, etc, etc.  Paypal is a secure website that will accept any form of payment, such as:  credit cards, checks, debit cards, wire tranfers, etc.

If you have a paypal account, you can email a donation to:  If there are problems with the donation button or any page on this website please email me.






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