Proving my practical time machine works

No inventor has ever received a patent from the USPTO on a time machine.  A handful of people have attempted to patent a real time machine, but all filers were turned down by the patent office.  The main reason why is because the patent office wants certainty that the invention works the way described in the patent application.  If the patent examiner has any doubts about the invention, he/she will not issue the patent.  Any type of theoretical ideas for an invention are automatically turned down.  They also request the inventor to show proof by presenting a prototype of the invention. 

This page will address my proof that the practical time machine can and will work.  I will give simple and easy examples to demonstrate how my time machine works.


The technology to create ghosts is the same technology to time travel

80 percent of all Americans believe in ghosts.  They have either seen a ghost personally or have a close family member or friend who have seen a ghost.  Ghosts are 3-d images formed by air particles.  Some ghost are formed by pushing air molecules together in an intelligent manner so a solid 3-d object is created.  Other times, ghosts are created by using and manipulating light (similar to how holograms work).  Also, ghosts have the capability of floating in air, levitating objects from a distance, and physically touching an object/s.   

Ghosts exist in nature, which means that we can create a technology to generate ghosts.  In other words, we can create technology to manipulate atoms in our environment.  I call this technology the atom manipulator.  The atom manipulator can break apart molecules, merge atoms, and manipulate electrons.  For example, it can take a water molecule, which consist of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, and break it into individual elements (1 hydrogen atom, 1 hydrogen atom, and 1 oxygen atom). 

The atom manipulator can do the opposite, whereby 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom can merge together to form a water molecule.  Now, one water molecule is a simple example, my hope for the atom manipulator is to manipulate large amounts of molecules (billions or trillions of molecules). 

The ghost example demonstrates that if ghosts really do exist in nature that means there has to be some kind of technology to generate these ghosts.  You canít have one without the other.  Itís like asking the question:  ďwhich came first the chicken or the egg?Ē.  If the chicken exists, that means it must of hatched from an egg.  On the other hand, if the egg exists, that means it must have been laid by a female chicken.  

I lived in a haunted apartment when I was in elementary school and I have personally seen several ghosts in the span of 5 years.  It wasnít just me, there were others living in the apartment complex that saw the same things.  In one of my encounters with ghosts, I was in the bathroom on the tub, bathing.  I was very young at the time and the bathroom door was never closed.  I was minding my own business playing with my toys when I looked up and saw a man standing in front of the bathroom door.  One thing I noticed about him was that he was transparent, I could see right through him.  He slowly turned and ran into the bedroom.  I immediately got out of the tub, wrapped on my towel and marched into the living room, where my sister and brother were watching TV.  Although they were laughing at me, I was terrified by what I just saw.  I slowly looked into the bedroom and the balcony, but no one was there. 

I know what I saw was real.  As a scientist, I try to explain to myself what I saw when I was a child (about 10 years old).  The only explanation that I could come up with is some kind of alien technology existed back in 1985 and someone was using this technology to scare me. 

To create a physical ghost is not a very easy thing to do.  Random air molecules coming together to form a 3-d image require a tremendous amount of computer intelligence.  If you want to print a picture of a human being, the computer has to track every pixel of a file and send that data to a printer.  If you program a printer to randomly put pixels on a paper, it will ďneverĒ print an object that is recognizable by viewers.    

In the case of a human ghost, air molecules have to come together precisely to form a human image, in 3-d space.  I really donít believe that randomly putting air molecules together would form a human ghost.  Itís like saying a computer programmer writes a software program to randomly string letters together and this software program was able to write a meaningful book (itís impossible).  Thus, I have determined that the ghost that I saw wasnít a random occurrence, there was intelligence involved in its creation. 


Practical time machine and its purpose

As stated in my books, the practical time machine doesnít really travel in time.  It only changes an object, atomically, to the state it was in in the past or will be in the future.  For example, if the practical time machine was used to bring back the World Trade Center, the machine is reconstructing the WTC atom by atom to the state it was in back in September 10, 2001.  The only way to do this is to track every atom, electron and em radiation for the past, frame-by-frame.  In other words, a perfect timeline of Earth must be created, recording every object, event ,or action for the past, present and future.

Super intelligent robots are required in order to create this perfect timeline of Earth. In the patents, I disclose a universal prediction algorithm so these robots can predict past, present, and future events in an optimal manner.  This method, I believe, is the most efficient way super intelligent robots can  predict events.  By the way, the universal prediction algorithm can be used to do any work, not just predict events.  For example, super intelligent robots can use the algorithm to build a city in one week or mass produce cars in the fastest time possible. 

According to my patent applications, there are two parts to the practical time machine:  1.  A perfect timeline of Earth.  2.  Atom manipulators.  Both of these parts must work together in order to time travel.  The timeline of Earth records where atoms are located and the atom manipulator is used to manipulate atoms in our environment.  For example, if the practical time machine was used to bring back the World Trade Center, the atom manipulator has to identify where atoms of the WTC (2001) are currently located on Earth.  Next, atom manipulators are used to move these atoms to a destination location (like New York) and merge these atoms together to form the exact copy of the WTC, atom-by-atom.     

In both cases, the timeline of Earth and the atom manipulator, super intelligent robots are used to do the work.  These robots have to predict events in the timeline of Earth, and also, control the atom manipulator to change the environment.  This technology is not about exploiting a natural law that can time travel, but it relies on super intelligent robots that do work, to fuse physics and technology together, to make time travel possible.  Most physics book out there talk about the chaotic way atoms interact with each other.  Currently, there are no physics books written about using computers to manipulate matter and light in an intelligent manner. 


Time travel using large objects      

I can prove that my time machine can work on large objects.  For this example, I will be using ABC blocks to demonstrate time travel.  Letís pretend that the structure of the ABC blocks represents a human being, called Dave.  The way the blocks are positioned and stacked represents Daveís physical state.  In 1966 the ABC blocks (left) are positioned in an ABC format and they are positioned straight.  However as Dave ages, his body begins to change. 

In FIG. 2A, the ABC blocks on the right represent Dave in 2013.  Notice that the blocks are no longer straight, but slightly misaligned.  The big question is, how do we change Dave back to the way he was, physically, in 1966.  The answer is to change the blocks in 2013 and position the blocks to the way Dave was in 1966. 

In FIG. 2B, notice that the ABC block in 2013, which has been changed, looks exactly like the ABC block in 1966.  Infact, the ABC block for 2013 and 1996 are the same exact object, in terms of matter and matter positions.  There are no difference between the ABC blocks on the left and the ABC blocks on the right.

This example shows targeted time travel, where an object, like Dave, can change from being old to young again.  His physical body that exist in 2013 is changed to the state it was in in 1966. 

In this example, only large objects were used and I have succeeded in proving that my practical time machine works for large objects.  The next step, is to demonstrate that my practical time machine can work on small microscopic objects like atoms or molecules. 

But first, we must look at what this technology can actually do.  The atom manipulator changes atoms in our environment.  It can levitate objects, or turn water into gas, or gas in to water, and so forth.  Certainly, physics have demonstrated that itís possible to turn water into gas.  We can shoot lasers at water molecules and if we are lucky, it might break up the chemical bonding and turn the water molecules into gas.  We can do this from a distance.  We can also levitate objects from a distance.  For example, I can blow air 2 feet from a feature and the feature will move in the air.  Thus, it is proven by science that it is possible to manipulate objects from a distance.  

All Iím doing with the atom manipulator is to combine computer intelligence with physics and to manipulate the environment in an intelligent manner.  In the movie Star Wars, at the end, Luke used the force to guide a missile into the death starís core to blow it up.  If Luke shot missiles randomly, he would of missed.  In fact, if Luke shot millions of missiles randomly, he would never hit the target.  He needed to know exactly where to hit and when.  Thatís where intelligence comes into the picture. 

If you want the atom manipulator to break apart a water molecule, you need to know exactly where and when to hit.  A computer is used to calculate the exact location and time to send a laser to break apart the water molecule.  The atom manipulator can track billions or trillions of water molecules and tell you where to hit each to break up its molecule.  Also, I have described how this technology can handle scaleable complexity.  It doesnít matter if the atom manipulator has to track 4 billion atoms or 9 zillion atoms, I designed the technology so that it can handle complex situations.    

This technology is the next big thing in transportation machines.  In my patent application I describe a plane that uses air pressure to move.  It has anti-gravity properties and maneuvers around obstacles differently from modern airplanes.  I personally never seen a UFO before, but if someone ask me how do UFO technology work, I will point to my patent applications and say, ďthatĎs how UFOs workĒ. 


Time travel at a microscopic level           

In real life, events can be unpredictable and chaotic.  For example, rolling a dice is unpredictable because we donít know what the numbers will be.  Another example would be playing golf, we canít predict exactly how a ball will land and where it will land.  However, in the atomic world, everything is basic, mathematical, and precise. 

The best analogy I can conjure up is:  the real world is similar to a playstation 3 game and the atomic world is similar to an atari game.  In a playstation3 game, the world is infinite and there are infinite ways to move around, but in an atari game, the players animation and movements are very limited.  In atari games, the environment is basic and simple.  Since, objects in atari games are simple shapes and their movements are limited, it is very easy to predict the future.

In the atomic world, everything is governed by math and nothing is left to chance (Einstein).  In the real world, 50 percent of objects are governed by math and the other 50 percent are by chance.  For example, rolling a dice in roulette or spinning a casino wheel (Bohr).  At an atomic level, atoms behave consistently every time and because of their consistency, scientists can represent objects, interactions, and behaviors using discrete math. 

The proof comes from content in physics books.  Another proof comes from computer chips.  Electronic devices work the way they suppose to because of consistency in physics. 

This is important because the atom manipulator has to track every single atom, electron and em radiation.  Instead of tracking every atom, the atom manipulator can use math equations to represent where they will be in the future.  For example, if the atom manipulator sends a laser and breaks apart a water molecule, the computer in the AM will calculate where each elemental atom of the H20 will be in the future using math. 

Someone might want to use the atom manipulator to break apart a water molecule and merge the same water molecule.  The atom manipulator changes the environment to break apart a water molecule.  A computer in the atom manipulator tracks 3 elemental atom from the water molecule and calculate where they will be in the future.  The AM will change the environment again to merge the 3 elemental atoms to rebuild the water molecule.  The AM changes the surrounding environment by using lasers or bouncing atoms around. 

If this experiment is successful, then we can try something a little more complex, such as breakup and merge 3 water molecules.  Next, we try 1,000 water molecules or 9 trillion water molecules. 

One advance experiment would be to teleport a living organism from locationA to locationB.  Remember, living organisms are made up of 70 percent water.  If the computer in the atom manipulator is able to track and manipulate every atom in a living organism, it can teleport the living organism from locationA to locationB.

Even more advance is to do experiments with protons and neutrons.  We can use the atom manipulator to change a lead atom into a gold atom.  The difference between lead and gold is one proton.  If you take a lead atom and you include 1 additional proton, the atom changes into a gold atom. 

In my patent application, the example I use for targeted time travel was the World Trade Center.  The practical time machine can bring back the WTC, the 4 planes and the 3,000 people who died on September 11, 2001.  These objects are restored to their state on September 10, 2001.  

Unfortunately I have not demonstrated that my practical time machine can work at an atomic level.  I believe strongly that proof can be had in the distant future.  First, we have to do simple experiments, like breaking 1 water molecule into its elemental atoms, and later we can do complex experiments, like teleporting a human being from locationA to locationB.  We continue our experiments in ever complex situations and hopefully at the end we can succeed in bringing back the World Trade Center. 

In some cases, the patent office has to see proof that this practical time machine works as described in the patent application.  They might wait until the practical time machine is actually used to bring back the WTC before issuing me the patent.  I have to wait about 100 years into the future for that to happen. 



Like I said before, the patent office has never issued a patent on a time machine.  Although I donít expect the patent office to issue my patent, I do expect them to protect my invention.  This would include rejecting any future patents filed that has striking similarities to my invention.  I said my practical time machine consist of two parts:  1.  A perfect timeline of Earth.  2.  The atom manipulator.  Also, super intelligent robots are using a universal prediction algorithm to do work on both, Earthís timeline and the atom manipulator. 

If anyone tries to patent my practical time machine or parts of my practical time machine, I expect the patent office to reject these patent applications. 

Right now Iím eyeing google because of their 3-d street view technology.  Google wants to use their electronic devices and autonomous cars as cameras to collect information about people, places and things.  They want to put cameras on all corners of the planet and collect all information.  In addition, google has invested in prediction software to predict past, present and future events.  Thus, google isnít just interested in whatís currently happening, they are interested in what happened in the past and the future.  Using their prediction software, they want to know everything about people, places or things. 

What does that have to do with my practical time machine?  I stated in my books, the first part of my time machine is a perfect timeline of Earth.  That is what google wants to build.  All their technology is used to create a timeline on Earth, recording every past, present and future event, frame-by-frame and atom-by-atom.  These technologies include:  3-d street view, google glasses, visual search, autonomous cars, smart phones, and tablets.  Google wants to know everything about Earth and they want to store that information in a timeline.  

As soon as google builds a perfect timeline of Earth, they will start to build the atom manipulator.  With these two parts, Earthís timeline and the atom manipulator, google can build a practical time machine.  I truly believe that someday (about 60-70 years into the future) google will build a time machine and that time machine will work exactly as I described in my patent applications.   

All I do know is that in the future if some company builds my practical time machine.  If this time machine works exactly as stated in my patent applications, then the patent office is forced to issue me my patents.  If that practical time machine patent is issued, that means Iím the first inventor in history to receive a patent on a real time machine.



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