Task Engine (aka AI Time Machine)

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Chapter 1:  Overview of the AI time machine

Chapter 2:  Introduction to the universal prediction algorithm

Chapter 3:  Details of a predicted model

Chapter 4:  Autonomous prediction internet

Chapter 5:  Details of predicting the past, present and future

Chapter 6:  Predicting the future in terms of sequences 

Chapter 7:  Software programs inside a predicted model

Chapter 8:  Predicting complex future events (football example)

Chapter 9:  Universal artificial intelligence for machines

Chapter 10:  Other topics



My first book on the AI time machine was registered with the copyright office in 2008.  This book was never published.  It wasn't until 2010 that I filed a patent on this technology.

The AI time machine is a computer (or an operating system) that can do "anything" based on the commands from a user.  A user can simply talk to the computer and the computer does all the work.

The latest operating systems are:  Windows7, Apple iphone 4S, and the android smartphones (2011).  Despite their fancy names, these are "stupid" operating systems.  These computers can't do anything for the user.  For example, they can't make a poster, or find a cure for cancer, or write complex software programs or do college assignments.

The apple iphone 4S is the first attempt by the tech companies to build a computer that can do simple tasks for the user.  The new feature on the iphone 4S is the AI, Siri.  Siri is a personal assistance that can do simple things for the user, such as:  schedule your calendar, answer simple questions, and read/write email. 

The AI time machine (a task engine) is a totally different type of computer.  This is a computer that can do anything for the user based on the user's commands.  The user can communicate with the computer using any type of media (text, speech, body gestures, fillable forms, etc).      

This future computer can do "anything".  When I say anything, I mean anything.  Here are a list of things that this future computer can do:


1.  Find a cure for cancer in less than one second (the human race has not found a cure for cancer yet).

2.  Write an operating system in less than one second.  Windows7 took Microsoft 30 years to build.

3.  Do any type of college assignment in less than one second.  eg. it can write a book in less than one second or make a movie in less than one second.  A college student can submit instructions to this future computer and the computer does all the work. 

4.  Do any type of individual or group work (ranging from any field) and to accomplish work in the fastest time possible (preferably, in less than one second).

5.  Assisting a user in doing work by controlling software programs in a computer.  eg.  This future computer can control photoshop to do work for the user; or control frontpage to build a website based on the commands from a user.   

6.  Control external machines, such as:  driving a car, flying an airplane, driving a train, driving a boat. etc.

7.  Control thousands of external machines or robots to build a city in less than one week.  It takes thousands of human beings 20 years to build a city.  Building a city comprises:  building houses, parks, buildings, bridges, shopping centers, recreation centers, and streets. 

8.  Make a full length movie in less than one second.  It normally takes hundreds of human beings 2 years to make a movie. 

9.  Take college exams. 

10.  Control a practical time machine to travel in time or to manipulate the environment

11.  Control ghost machines or dummy robots to accomplish tasks.

12.  Predict the exact events of Super bowl 5 years into the future.      

13.  Solve all cold cases in the FBI files for the last 200 years in less than one second.  


The 2011 iphone 4S can't do any of the things mentioned above.  In fact, none of the latest operating systems today (including Windows7 and the Android smartphones) can remotely do any of the things listed above.  22 patent applications and 23 books are filed to describe in detail how this AI time machine works.  This AI time machine comprises 8 encapsulated inventions. 

This is a very important technology because, in the future, if every single human being is using my AI time machine, then I should take credit for it.  There are companies out there that have been taking my ideas for years now and they managed to make millions each month and take credit for these ideas.

I predicted back in 2006 that the technology companies were going to copy my work, and I was right.  I'm willing to bet that the technology companies will go after this AI time machine next.  In the future, "All" technology companies will be competing over this invention.  In fact, I got 8 inventions registered with the patent office; and all 8 inventions are still considered science fiction, which means that they have not been commercially sold yet.  I'm will to bet that "all" of the technology companies are going to copy and build "all" 8 of my inventions.  If you don't believe me, I want you to watch the technology companies very carefully and be aware of what kind of products they are commercially selling. 

My inventions are designed to replace "all" human workers.  These inventions were created specifically to put people out of work.  As the years passes, the unemployment rate for the US  will continue to rise.  The technology companies are directly tied to the United State's high unemployment rate and it's bad economy.        




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