Technology 7

As stated before, the robots will create a timeline of planet Earth that will record all events, actions and objects for the past and future.  There exist only one timeline, just as Newton theorized.  The robot’s job is to find out what data exist in the timeline.

These robots aren’t simply collecting history data and plotting them on a timeline, they are using history data to predict further into the past or they are using history data to fill in missing data.  Things that happened thousands of years ago or millions of years ago has to be predicted precisely and accurately.  This would include “every frame” of each event.  Amelia Eirheart was lost at sea a long time ago, no one found the wreckage or her body.  The timeline records what happened every fraction of a millisecond.  No one knows what were said in the constitutional convention in 1787 because it was held in secrecy.  The timeline records what happened every fraction of a millisecond.  Every word spoken by each delegate is recorded.  In fact, every movement of any delegate is recorded.  Even their thought processes when writing the US constitution is recorded.  No one knows who the first caveman (or cavewoman) invented fire.  The timeline records what happened every fraction of a millisecond. 

This timeline of the past is very valuable if you really think about it.  Religions and myths happened in the past.  If the timeline records all events, actions and objects, then we will eventually know the truth.                   

What about the justice system?  Once the perfect timeline is created the length of time it takes to investigate a crime and to sentence a criminal will be quick.  In a matter of minutes, a policeman can observe the event in the timeline and determine if a crime has been committed.  If the answer is yes, then the criminal will be sentenced.  People might ask what evidence does the timeline have to convict a criminal or organization?  What if there was tampering of evidence related to a crime?  The answer is if there was tampering, then the tampering will also be recorded.  There are verification methods to determine the authentication of the timeline. 

All crimes committed in the past and the future will be known.  It doesn’t matter how minor or major these crimes are.  It also doesn’t matter how complex a case may be.  Crimes committed 10,000 years ago can be reopened.  Our history books will be rewritten because some criminals were wrongly convicted or some criminals were wrongly sentenced.

No lawyers are needed in this type of justice system.  No witnesses are needed either.  The criminal or organization will be brought to court, whereby the timeline will determine their faith.  By the way, trying to tamper with events in the timeline is very difficult.  In most cases it’s nearly impossible.  The only lawyers present are the ones trying to find if there are anomalies in the timeline, indicating tampering.  Some court cases require the intentions of the criminal.  Did they knowingly make a decision to commit a crime?  The thought processes of that person are stored in the timeline; and all the judge has to do is observe that event.  For example, if a senator is accused of accepting bribes from an interest group, the intentions of the senator are important to the case.  Did he know that he was doing something illegal?  If the answer is yes, then he must pay for his crimes.  If the answer is no, then he must be set free.              

This justice system is important because our current justice system is not efficient.  The back logs of court cases are about 5-10 years.  Some minor cases such as traffic violation would require a person to show up in court 5 years after they are accused of the crime.  There are simply not enough judges and court facilities to handle an increasing population size.  And the outcome of some cases are so ridiculous that even old people or children are able to say that the outcome was unfair.  The problem is that human beings are the jurors and sometimes human beings are bias and unfair – maybe they have it set in their mind that a person is innocent before even hearing the facts.  Maybe the criminal is a famous person and the jurors didn’t want to upset the star’s fans.  Maybe the system of bringing a criminal to justice is unfair.  There has to be a more efficient way of prosecuting and sentencing people or big corporations in a fair manner.  They will also be entitled to a quick trial.          

This type of justice system is to make sure that innocent people are protected and guilty people are brought to justice.  If you are a big corporation and you haven’t committed a crime you got nothing to worry about.  If you are a big corporation and you have committed a crime, then it really doesn’t matter what lawyers you got or how much money you got.  The appropriate sentencing will be administered.  


Why the time machine will eventually be built

I start with a question:  what happened to all the people living in the 1800’s today?  The answer is they are all dead.  We live in the 21st century with technology to overcome death itself.  Every single human being can live forever though the aid of the “time machine”.  As stated before, there are many types of time machine.  The practical time machine can give all human beings human immortality.  A person can stay young forever or they can live forever.  The practical time machine is so powerful that it can actually bring people back from the dead. 

Currently, scientists are working on “reprogramming” DNA cells so that they can prolong human life.  This method works, but it can only prolong human life for a max of 50-100 years.  Eventually they will abandon these theories and concentrate on the time machine.  The time machine is the only means of achieving human immortality.  No other technology can do this.  Another option is religion.

The practical time machine inherits its structure from robots that can predict the past and future with pinpoint accuracy.  That’s why it is ranked 5th place in my list of inventions.  A practical time machine can’t be built without building the exponential human artificial intelligence (EHAI) first. 

It doesn’t matter who or what company builds the technology.  It also doesn’t matter what system, methods or structure the technology comprises.  The time machine can’t be built by human beings, it can only be built by super intelligent robots.  They are the ones that will ultimately allow someone to travel into the past or the future.  The human race can spend 50 billion years trying to build a time machine and they will still fail.  It is through the robots that the time machine can be built and used properly.  Most of my research is concentrated on building super intelligent robots and the reasoning behind this should be apparent.      

In my first invention, I present a robot that has human-level intelligence.  It senses, thinks and acts like a human being.  These are essentially human beings made from mechanical parts.  The second invention are robots that can think thousands of times smarter than a human being.  What humanity can accomplish in 200 years these robots can accomplish in 1 second.  Curing cancer is one example.  The entire human race has spent 100 years trying to find a cure.  They will probably spend another 100 years finding a cure.  These robots can find the cure in less than 1 second.  The third invention is the exponential human artificial intelligence which builds on its predecessors.  This robot can cure cancer in less than a fraction of a millisecond.  Recently, I invented a new form of AI and this robot can cure cancer in less than a fraction of a nanosecond.  I call this invention:  technology 7. 

Actually, technology 6 and 7 are one and the same because they both need each other in order to work properly.  Technology 6 basically allows the robots to predict hundreds, or maybe, thousands of years into the future.  It solves problem R3, which is the hardest problem facing future predictions.  Now, in order for technology 6 to work, the robots have to increase its intelligence exponentially.  This is where technology 7 comes in.  It is a robot that has super intelligence that far exceeds all my other inventions. 

Imagine a robot that can predict the weather, every fraction of a millisecond, for the next 8 thousand years.  This weather statistics would include:  temperature, wind speed, snow fall, rain fall, air quality, tornados, hurricanes, ocean conditions, wave conditions and so forth for local and global areas on Earth.  Each rain drop is tracked and recorded in the timeline of when it was created and where it will land on Earth.  Hurricanes (and earthquakes) that will happen hundreds of years into the future will be recorded.  This would include the exact path of the hurricane, how strong is the hurricane, where the eye of the hurricane will travel, and other related topics such as how many people got hurt from the hurricane.                  

People might ask why can’t the robots predict infinite years into the future?  Since I claim that problem R3 is solved, then why can’t the robots see any-number-of years into the future?  The answer is that predicting every second into the future require “work” that will build exponentially as time passes because we are dealing with possibilities of the future.  The robots have to resolve what the exact future timeline will be and, thus, lots of “work” is needed to determine this.  As the work needed increases exponentially, so must the intelligence of the robots.  However, there is a road block in that physics and chemistry laws, especially Einstein’s and Newton’s laws, prevent the robots from getting any smarter.  There is a zenith to intelligence that can’t be past.    


AI time machine

My main goal is to build a robot that has the maximum level of intelligence.  To build something that is so smart that it can’t possibly get any smarter.  The list of inventions work well individually, however, if we combine all 6 inventions to form one technology, called the AI time machine, we can have a more powerful AI system (let's just call it the time machine).  Not only can the time machine predict the future and past with pinpoint accuracy, but it can also answer questions, search for information over the internet, operate a computer, operate different machines, do tasks, solve problems, follow commands, analyze a situation, compare complex situations, derive logical explanations or accomplish any “work” done by one or a group of human beings. 

This time machine is the total package that serves as an AI search engine, an AI operating system, a prediction system, a knowledge gathering system, a problem solving system, a pattern recognition system, a universal AI system and so forth. 

Among some of the things this time machine can do are:


1.  Predict all events, actions and objects on planet Earth every fraction of a millisecond in the future and the past.  The maximum prediction limit is 200-500 years into the future and billions of years into the past.  This means that the time machine can predict, with pinpoint accuracy, up to the maximum prediction limits.  It can predict beyond the maximum prediction limit, but the predictions won’t be 100% accurate.  Events that happened 10,000 years ago can be witnessed first hand -- every frame of that event is recorded in the timeline of Earth.  Events that will happen 100 years into the future can be witnessed first hand.   


2.  The time machine can have a past and future timeline of all contents on the internet.  Since the time machine records all objects on planet Earth every fraction of a millisecond, the internet can be an object.   Why would people want to search the current internet, when they can search data from the internet that existed in 1998 or the internet that will exist 10 years into the future?  The time machine can also do analytical tasks, such as compare data between a website that existed in 1998 and the same website that existed in 2003.  What is different about the two websites?  What was changed?  What was added, modified or deleted?  What are the search results using the search engines in 1998?  An internet time machine is very important to things like court cases.  Some technology companies might have engaged in criminal activities in the past and the only way to prove their guilt is by looking at the internet timeline.         


3.  Answer “any” question.  How was the Earth created, how did the Universe develop, what happened to Amelia Eirheart, how did the Egyptians built the great pyramids, who are the authors of the bible?  Extremely complex questions that require years of research can be answered.  Simple questions that require basic internet searches can also be answered.  If you have to find a definition to a word, simply ask the time machine.  It will tell you what the definition is and to present it in a manner that is understood.  If you want to know specific information from the internet, the time machine can do complex searches and present it to the user in a viewable manner. 


4.  Accomplish sequences of tasks.  Searching for answers on the internet and our planet is one thing, but to take this knowledge and to produce logic from it is another thing.  An AI search engine can search for knowledge over the internet based on the preferences of the user.  For example, if the user wanted the time machine to search the internet for a black and white drawing of a rare species, the time machine might be able to find a set of drawings over the internet.  The AI in the time machine will then convert a drawing from the set into a modified drawing using various photo software.  This black and white drawing will be presented to the user.  The user might complain about the drawing and require more specific things done to it.  For example, the user might want the drawing to be clearer, the lines to be more defined and the drawing to be in a certain size.  The time machine must accomplish these tasks sequentially based on the user’s preferences.       


5.  Follow orders and to give opinions.  The time machine will follow orders given by the user.  If the time machine is given an order to search for information on the weather, then it will do as told.  In some cases, the time machine will give its own opinions about things related to the situation that the user might not be aware of.  The question about slavery pops up and certain sections in my books will explain how this slave issue is solved. 


6.  Accomplish work requiring one person or a team of people.  The AI that will do “work” can be work accomplished by one person or a team of people.  Curing cancer require a team of scientists specialized in different fields working together to find a cure, building software require a team of software engineers working together to write the codes, writing a book require a person to come up with the contents and solving a criminal case require many detectives, police person, and computer specialists working together to solve a crime. 


Any type of work that requires human intelligence can be accomplished through the time machine.  It doesn’t matter if its research, producing an artwork, writing a book, writing software, making a movie, searching the internet, gathering knowledge, learning a skill, operating a computer, using software, managing a business, solving complex math problems, or making money through the stock market, the AI in the time machine can accomplish any work that can be done by one or more human beings. 


7.  Controlling any machine and sharing intelligence by assumption.  My first invention is the universal videogame program and that software can control any machine to act intelligently in our environment.  I incorporated this invention with the time machine and added new features.  The time machine is a host shell and it needs a physical body and user interface functions to communicate with a user.  Different machines can be built as the time machines’ physical body.  The universal videogame program can be used to create pathways from a machine, regardless of what that machine physically looks like.  The universal videogame program basically stores pathways that record arbitrary data from a given machine.  A car will store different data compared to a plane.  


conclusion:  The AI time machine is a combined AI system from all 6 inventions mentioned.  I deliberately encapsulated all inventions to make it harder for anyone to copy my work -- take out one invention and the entire AI system will not work.  It's kind of like building a car and forgetting to include the engine or the steering wheel.   

I'm outraged by the fact that computer companies are using my designs to build products and services so they can charge people money.  All 6,000 pages worth of design, wither from patent applications or registered copyrights, is owned by Mitchell Kwok and no other.  I didn't give anyone permission to build my technology or the permission to write publications related to my designs.  It's not the fact that they copied my work in the past that makes me angry, they are continuing to copy my work.  These computer companies take my design, write publications on it and try to convince the general public they invented all my technology.  I guess they are doing this because if they don't claim the technology today they won't be able to claim it in the future. 

Currently I'm working on technology 7 and 8.  These two technology are quite long and will span 4-5 books.  I still have a lot of research to do in order to perfect the technology.  As usual, I will encapsulate these technologies with my previous work to make it unique and harder to build. 

Intelligence, most notably artificial intelligence, is like numbers.  It goes on and on............ 


All 6 inventions by Mitchell Kwok (patents pending)


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