50%  Unemployment Rate

"The unemployment rate for the United States will rise to 50 percent in the next 25 years" -- 2010

For some strange reason, the US government thinks that by advancing technology and pursuing innovation, that the US will automatically create new jobs and put unemployed Americans back to work. The president, the republicans, the democrats, the media and the public needs to know that the number one job killer in the US is software.

They get this mentality from the early 90's when the internet was first being introduced. The government saw how the advancement of technology can give rise to new industries and create new jobs. We no longer live in the early 90's. We are living in a new era, where the technology companies are trying to build software and robots to replace human workers. All major tech companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Ibm and Apple computer are all trying to build a universal AI. The universal AI is a software program that was designed to replace human workers (all human workers).

In 1980, General Motors had over 240,000 human employees working in their car factories. Today, General Motors has under 60,000 human employees working in their car factories (2010). The question that should be asked is why? Because GM bought automated machines and software to do most of the work in their plants. They don't need to hire as much human beings anymore. I use GM to demonstrate that the majority of factories in the United States are relying heavily on software to accomplish work.

What GM is neglecting to tell people is that in the next 30 years, their company will have no human beings working in their factories. All factories in the world will be fully automated in the future. The words "fully automated" means there are no human workers in the factories. In fact every single company, restaurant, factory, or government agency will be fully automated in the future.

2011 is the year that this page was written. Let's discuss the current state of artificial intelligence. Companies like Microsoft or Apple computer can't even build a robot to flip pancakes yet. Creating something like a fully automated car factory is a distant dream.


a list of products by software companies for the last 4 years:

1. google 3-d streetview (Jan. 2008)

2. google picasa and goggles (2008)

3. google visual search on the first android phone (Nov. 2009)

4. google search engine with meaning (2010)

5. google 5 sense search engine

6. microsoft image processors (2008)

7. microsoft (June 2009)

8. microsoft visual search for (Sept. 2009)

9. microsoft kinect system (Nov. 2010)

10. ibm watson (2011)

11. apple iphone 4s (Oct. 2011)


All products listed above have been described in my books or patent

applications many years before they were commercially sold to the public.


I can definitely tell you what the tech companies are trying to build (i'm revealing their future technology). They are trying to build my universal AI. The products from the tech. companies for the past 4 years are individual parts to my universal AI. Microsoft's kinect system is a camera system that identifies objects, events and actions based on common sense knowledge. Search engine with meaning, ibm watson, and iphone 4s are software programs to understand natural language, which is a very important component to the universal AI.

Very soon the computer companies will be describing a technology that will replace all human workers -- a universal AI that can be applied to any field and job. Their intentions and goals is to fully automate restaurants, super markets, shopping centers, companies, factories, and government agencies.


a list of fully automated companies:

fully automated McDonalds

fully automated Taco bell

fully automated Subway

fully automated Pizza hut

fully automated Chinese restaurant

fully automated French restaurant

fully automated shopping centers

fully automated super markets

fully automated car factory

fully automated sewing factory

fully automated electronic factory

fully automated hospital

fully automated parliament

fully automated software company

fully automated construction company

fully automated fishing company

fully automated farming company

fully automated cattle company

fully automated police department

fully automated military

fully automated fire department

fully automated FBI

fully automated safety inspectors


All these fully automated entities are the result of the universal AI. It sounds like science fiction, but in the future, people will slowly realize this is no joke. A lot of people will be put out of work and everyone (the media, the government and the public) will be talking about this technology.

The universal AI is just the beginning. In my patent applications, I describe 8 different, but integrated, inventions; and all 8 inventions are required to build fully automated companies. Logically, this leads me to believe that the software companies are not just interested in my universal AI, but all 8 of my inventions.

My goal in filing my patents is to design inventions that would replace all human workers and to design inventions that can do human work in the fastest time possible. My vision for the future is to fully automate every factory, company, military, and government agency. I see a future where human beings don't have to work anymore; and all basic needs, such as food, shelter, health care and commodities are given to the public free of charge.

Imagine walking into a McDonalds and ordering a meal without paying or walking into a supermarket and picking up groceries without paying. This is the kind of future I envision. The fully automated hospital will be the most impressive. People will have free medical care. People who go to my fully automated hospital will never have to pay for doctor visits or drugs.

This information is important because I just disclosed future products from the technology companies for the next 20-30 years. And the reason that people should pay attention to what products the tech. companies will commercially sell is because these products will impact the United states and the rest of the world, economically, socially, and politically.

My guess is that the technology companies will slowly introduce their products to the public. First, they will commercially sell robot cars. They want to eliminate all human drivers from the workforce, such as taxi drivers, bus drivers, garbage collectors, truck drivers, train drivers, and boat drivers. They will eliminate these human drivers by selling their robot cars and making sure that the public is hooked on these robot cars like drugs.

With human drivers eliminated, the unemployment rate will rise to 20 percent and 10s of millions of American jobs will be lost. Next, the technology companies will target the simple jobs available to human beings, such as nurses, retailers, janitors, factory workers, and farmers. They will build robots specialized in many different fields and to eliminate as many American jobs as possible. At this point, the public will be outraged and the government will "finally" realize what is going on. This will force the technology companies to reveal the truth to the public, which is: "we want to build robots to put every single human being out of work".

Very difficult jobs like engineers, software programmers, doctors, surgeons, architectures, and so forth, will be the last group of human workers to lose their jobs. The task engine, which is a computer that can do anything, was designed to replace difficult jobs. For example, the task engine can write an operating system (or any software) in less than one second. This means the task engine can create a fully automated software company (with no human programmers). In another example, the task engine can make a movie in less than 1 second. This means the task engine can create a fully automated movie company.

The only danger in this technology would be a fully automated military or police department. However, since my fully automated companies follow rules from the United States law system, these robots can't do anything that breaks the law. Hurting a human being or extermination of the human race is something that these robots will never do because it's against the law. These robots are subject to the same laws and consequences that govern American citizens. For example, if a robot intentionally kills a human being, it will be prosecuted and possibly go to prison for life. Because there are consequences to a robot's actions, they will try not to break the law.

There are dummy robots and their are human robots. The dummy robots are robots that specialize in certain jobs and their actions are governed by a trainer. On the other hand, a human robot is self-aware and makes decisions similar to a human being. Although a human robot has free-will to break laws, they also know that there are consequences to their actions and this mentality will make them think twice before breaking a law.

Safety is always important and especially when these robots are interacting with real human beings. I can't guarantee that these robots will not harm a human being. However, there are things that software engineers can do to make these robots less likely to commit violent crimes or behave in a violent manner. Women are less prone to violence because their brains were designed slightly different from their counterpart. At an engineering level, we can build robots that will act more feminine, with female characteristics. These robots cringe at the thought of violence and they like to talk things out with people to resolve situations. They feel compassion for people who suffer and have an urge to help.

Despite these safety measures, these robots are still subject to human emotions and determination. If a robot was in charge of taking care of a baby and there are two gunman storming the house, the robot will do anything and everything it can to protect that baby, including hurting or killing the two gunman.


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